Counselling for Anxiety and Stress

It is quite normal to have anxious thoughts sometimes about the future, such as starting a new job, taking exams, a driving test, making a speech etc., but when those feelings of anxiety become so overwhelming that they cause stress and an inability to cope, talking to a Counsellor can help manage those negative thoughts and find ways to re-examine and rationalise and create new positive thought processes.

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Counselling for Depression

Depression can have a devastating effect on your life, it can impact on your ability to cope with your everyday life, your ability to think, to concentrate, to work and interact with other people.  It can suck the pleasure out of normal activities and make you feel very much alone in your struggle.  Talking therapy can help to unblock negativity and open up new strategies and pathways for recovery.

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How we relate to other people can sometimes be very complicated and have a profound effect on our lives and how see ourselves.  Each relationship is different and our response to it is different.  From friendships to work colleagues, from marriage and partners to children and extended family, they are all relationships that can bring us joy or pain, sometimes both.  Talking through emotional and sexual difficulties with a Counsellor can help to break a communication deadlock and resolve the difficulties being experienced.

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Counselling for Domestic Abuse

Abuse of any kind is never acceptable and there is no shame in asking for help.  From physical violence to emotional abuse or coercion, if you are feeling at risk in any way, the first brave step is to contact a Counsellor who will help you find the courage to move on with your life without fear.

Counselling for Weight Management

Are you struggling with your relationship with food?  Do you recognise your emotional connection to food? Do you struggle with self-esteem and body image? Our weight management practice concentrates on helping you to understand the emotions behind your relationship with food.

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Counselling for Bereavement and loss

There is no set plan for how we respond to loss.  Everybody responds differently, there is no time scale for how long we should struggle with the feelings that accompany loss, such as regret, guilt and anxiety.  However long it takes it can be helped by sharing those feelings with a Counsellor as you work through the acceptance of loss.

Counselling for coping with life limiting conditions

A diagnosis of a life limiting condition can be devastating, not just for the patient concerned but for the friends and family who are also going to be affected by it. Whether it’s a child with Cystic Fibrosis, a teenager with Epilepsy, a Cancer diagnosis, Stroke, Parkinsons’, MS, MND and Dementia, the anxiety felt by everyone concerned is real and painful. Talking therapy can be a vital lifeline for both patient and family.

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Do you have a fear or phobia you want to overcome? Do you have a habit you want to break? Do you want to sleep better, stop smoking or lose weight? Do you feel stressed and lack confidence? Safe and confidential hypnosis combined with talking therapy can introduce a sense of calm and wellbeing into your life and help you to positively manage your thoughts.

Group Therapy

Meeting with like minded people going through the same experiences and sharing similar feelings
can be very beneficial and helpful when working through addictions, weight management, abuse,
phobias and long term life affecting medical conditions. We can organise and run such groups at our centres in Chichester and Pulborough , when clients can sign up for a course of six to eight weeks
when they can meet and share in a safe, secure and non-judgmental environment, while they work
through their own issues.

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